Association of Spanish Schools in the Americas
Argentina - Bolivia - Ecuador - Paraguay - Peru - USA


  • excellent teaching and educational standards, and suitable and effective teaching methods
  • highly qualified teaching staff
  • first-rank premises and  facilities for language learning, as well as audio-video equipment and academic library
  • guidance and assistance in selection of courses and classes
  • regular assessment and end-of-course exams
  • clearly and precisely structured course of studies (specification of course content, topics and vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions) which will help students track their learning and participate in planning their course of study
  • consistency and coherence in attainment and assessment of  all levels of language competency, coordinated among all member schools 


  • encouraging exchange of experiences, expertise and professional information
  • representing  members in  contacts with international institutions and bodies
  • organizing seminars, workshops, and consultancy meetings in co-operation with other educational organisations
  • publishing textbooks  and training materials in the field of foreign language teaching
  • co-operation with universities, professional organisations and other associations which provide foreign language teaching services
  • participation in all the professional advertising publications of the ASSA, as well as public marketing activities
  • members can use the ASSA logo